Inter-relational marketing services

GC is a marketing consultancy geared towards providing the most cost-effective marketing services for every client. We achieve this by developing our marketing campaigns across a range of disciplines that are inter-related, to leverage maximum awareness, whatever the budget. Re-purposing promotional material, selectively targeting audiences and fully exploiting new-media opportunities we are able to deliver inter-relational marketing (IRM) aimed at building our clients' brands.

PR, advertising and on-line services, such as e-marketing and html email distribution, are used where appropriate, as a means of reaching the target audience. Cross-referral and linking from one media to another adds impact, drives traffic to a client's website and intensifies the effects of the marketing activity.

Case Study: Xtracs

xtracs logoFor Xtracs we provide a complete IRM service; we undertake press advertising, PR and e-marketing activities. Typically we will research and create a press release which we distribute to selected, relevant publications and on-line directories. The content of the press release is then re-purposed and presented through various different marketing channels. Using existing content in this way avoids duplication and saves the cost of new origination.

Each press release is posted as a news item on the Wordpress blog that we have built for Xtracs (and this in turn has links to the main website). We also create and distribute regular email marketing 'newsletters' featuring edited material from our press releases. This provides a means for our client to maintain a relationship with customers and inform them of events, offers and new products. In addition, the advertising campaign we have developed for Xtracs runs in selected trade journals and is designed to build brand awareness, acting as a background to the PR items that appear as editorial copy.

Richard Falzon, Managing Director of Xtracs says:

The great thing about GC Marketing is that once you have given them a brief, they will carry it through in its entirety. With GC Marketing our brand has become more recognised than ever!